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Is Tracking Rank, Ratings, and Reviews for All My Books Worth It?

In a nutshell, we believe it is worth tracking rank, ratings, and reviews. And here’s why… The modern author wears many hats No longer is an author just a great writer. Modern authors are writers, editors, cover designers, social media marketers… the list is endless. They are savvy entrepreneurs who manage their writing career asContinue reading “Is Tracking Rank, Ratings, and Reviews for All My Books Worth It?”

How to find inspiration

There is the classic image of the novelist, hunkered down in a coffee-shop, scribbling details on a piece of paper, followed by long protracted pauses to observe the world go by. Rain lashes the window as soft swirls of steam escape their mug of black coffee. In my head, this is accompanied by the smellContinue reading “How to find inspiration”

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